product care


Our products are made using Vegetable Tanned leathers perfect for aging beautifully and developing patinas unique to their owners.

Daily Care

Treated well and with love your products are capable of lasting a lifetime. Foods and drinks should be kept in tight and sealed containers to prevent any spillages and damage to the leather.


Avoid using in extreme conditions, such as prolonged bouts of heavy rain. As this will affect the natural dye and dry out the leather. Keep out of prolonged periods of direct sunlight as this may also cause the colour to fade unevenly and dry out the leather.


Scratches and surface scuffs are part of owning leather products of this nature, to remedy light scuffs apply a bit of pressure by rubbing with your finger. If slightly more extreme use a minuscule amount of mineral based oils for a better finish.


Keep light coloured leathers (Natural, Tan etc…) away from dark coloured clothing such as indigo denim as this will eventually transfer onto the product.


Our leathers are naturally died so, when first purchased keep away from light coloured clothing to prevent colour transfer.




DO NOT hand wash, machine wash or dry clean any leather products, as this will cause irreparable damage to the fibres. To clean wipe down with a damp cloth and apply a leather protector spray to cloth and rub onto leather to prevent/minimise future dirt build ups. Always test in small patch first before applying to whole product. Take to professional leather cleaner to in case of extreme stains.




Keep Bag in dust case provided and store in cool dry place. Stuff with plastic or bag stuffing to maintain bags natural shape and regularly air out dust case to prevent damp and mould build up.



Waxed Canvas

Waxed products are designed to be used for many years without being washed and still maintaining their aesthetic appeal.


Our new and improved bags are now made with high spec Martexin waxed Fairfield Canvas. Simply clean with some cold water and a damp cloth. After a long period of usage, areas will require treatment to restore the waxy finish. This should be done using a soft non-abrasive cloth, recommended Martexin Original Wax and a small amount of heat. For more help please click here (vimeo vid of bag being re-waxed)